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Oct 14

Air Powered Car


As the debate about the long-term suitability of cars which run on fossil fuels continues, and the science and development going into cars which run on sustainable and eco-friendly fuels improves, there remain a few questions: What would be the best eco-fuel to use? Which one offers the best potential efficiency? Continue reading →

Oct 14

Internet Ready Cars


In this modern, connected world we live in, where any information is accessible at the click of a button, is it any surprise that car manufacturers, working in conjunction with mobile phone manufacturers, are developing ever more integrated automobiles, internet ready to help cover any needs the driver or passengers might require. Continue reading →

Sep 14

Best Season to Learn Driving

When learning to drive, the aim is to prepare the learner for life on the road, to teach them all the skills they will require to drive safely and with understanding and consideration for other road users. Continue reading →

Sep 14

Welsh Government to Ban Smoking in Cars


The Welsh government is beginning a consultation process to change the law regarding smoking in vehicles. Continue reading →

Sep 14

End of the Tax Disc

stock-image-of-uk-vehicle-tax-discs-which-are-being-discontinued-on-1st-october-2014-136393275867203901-140916125059From the 1st of October, the familiar circular tax disc stuck in car windows is being changed to a new electronic system for drivers paying their road tax. Continue reading →

Sep 14

How To Book Your Practical Test

Many of those learning to drive are desperate for the first time when we can be out on our own, with no one throwing instructions across at us from the passenger’s seat. It’s a sort of freedom; a liberating experience to finally be out on our own with no help from the person sitting next to us. But the practical test has to be passed first, and with an increasing number of cars on the road the practical test is becoming harder for learners to pass on their first go. Continue reading →

Sep 14

Driving Test Software  

Do you want to practice and brush up on your driving knowledge ahead of your test?

Practical driving tests and theory tests are becoming more and more challenging to pass. The more information and instruction you absorb to help increase your chances of passing first time, the better. This supplementary information and instruction can be found in the form of driving test software. Continue reading →

Aug 14

Driving Test Software

The process of learning to drive these days is an expensive one. The use of driving test software allows learner drivers to thoroughly prepare themselves for every aspect of the test, helping them to maximise their chances of success first time around. Driving test software is an essential tool which will ensure that you are fully prepared for your theory and practical tests.

Continue reading →

Aug 14

Driving Test Books

Your practical driving test is designed to accomplish two things: to access whether or not you can drive safely and confidently in different road and weather conditions, and to test that you know your Highway Code. Continue reading →

Jul 14

Book Your Practical Test

Keen to dispense with those L plates? Currently learning but desperate to take the plunge and take the practical test? Does your instructor believe you’re ready? If you’re learning to drive and are ready to take your practical test, you can book online. However, there is a best way to book a practical test. Continue reading →